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Tomasz Rybak: Declaration of intent

Sending manually - I got mail delivery error:

For nm.debian.org, at 2017-12-09.

I'd like to become Debian Developer, uploading.  I don't see it as
neither the end of my road, nor the beginning: more as new chapter in
involvement in FLOSS and Debian Community in particular.

My involvement with Debian was changing over the years. I started using
it in 2003, after going through many other distributions (including
Linux From Scratch, if this can be called distribution) and stayed
with Debian since then.

I guess it was the knowledge that Debian has constitution, policy, and
extensive documentation that led to this choice. I haven't read it then
to carefully, though.

In 2009 I started using GPGPUs, and started using PyCUDA. Shortly later
I packaged them, and then decided to share my packages --- and upload
them to Debian. I maintain PyOpenCL and PyCUDA since then, even though
currently I don't use them myself.

In 2012 I become Debian Maintainer. In 2013 I went to my first DebConf.
In 2015, after next DebConf, I opened New Member process It seemed like
natural next step --- but I guess I was missing itch to scratch: being
Debian Maintainer allowed me to take care about packages. Becoming
Debian Developer did not seem to bring much more value, especially as
I did not see need (or want) to upload other packages.  So I let this
process to expire. The history of my previous process can be found
in archive-serpent@nm.debian.org --- although I don't have access to
this archive.

But I became member of the cloud team. We build Debian images for
various cloud providers, intending to provide high-quality images
(following Social Contract point 4).

At the same time I'm active in local cloud-related Meetups, and use
cloud both for my private and work-related needs. And I believe that
Debian should matter in the cloud space, that we should becoming solid
base for cloud services.

My main role in the cloud team is writing test suite (with other team
members), to ensure that our images are of high quality.  And this
becomes the itch. Basically, want to become Debian Developer and to
access to Debian machines, to be able to run tests on them, to check
debug those tests, and to publish their results. I might also need to
upload cloud-related packages.

Thanks for your attention.

Tomasz Rybak, Debian Maintainer
GPG: A565 CE64 F866 A258 4DDC F9C7 ECB7 3E37 E887 AA8C

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