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Re: Ben Armstrong: Declaration of intent

On 12/10/17 06:10 AM, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 07:57:32PM +1100, Stuart Prescott wrote:
>> Ben Armstrong wrote:
>>> Well, after a year emeritus, I think I have enough of my life back
>>> together again to un-retire as an uploading DD. 
>> Excellent news!
> indeed! Welcome back, Ben!

Thanks! It's good to be back. I'm starting with a survey of the packages
that on Debian that could help equip trail stewards in filing reports on
trail conditions, and any bugs that may be outstanding against packages
we use. I'm mentally following the "Debian Pure Blends" model for this,
though I have no immediate plans for a formal pure blend. My priority
has to be looking out for the needs of the Bluff Trail first, and the
rest can come later, if it looks like this is becoming something that
could be a blend.

I hope my application can be expedited, as having synrg@debian.org back
again would immediately benefit Bluff Trail Labs in this way: I'm
unhappy with our current "all-in-one" hosting for our parent
organization's website and want to switch to Gandi.net*. I wrote Gandi
and explained I was doing open source development in this project and
they applied a "C" discount to my account, but I'd need to be finished
the un-retirement process to bump that up to "E" for another 5%
discount. Our current hosting comes up for renewal Oct. 28, so I'd like
to have this sorted out in advance of that.

Meanwhile, I'll talk to our board to see if they'd approve me to go
ahead at "C" level discount for the first payment if NM can't sort out
my application in time.



* I'm assuming Debian still considers that a good choice? I made my case
to the board based on that assumption.

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