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Report for 'Debian Developer, uploading' applicant Christoph Biedl


I recommend to accept Christoph Biedl as a new Debian Developer, uploading.
The account name is cbiedl.

 * Applicant background

# Free software

My first contact with Linux dates back to the late nineties when
this was the only affordable way to do Internet connection sharing.
Open source also matched well a broad curiousity about how things
actually work. So in terms of computers, operating systems, or later
Internet I never was a plain user, there was always also the desire to
look under the hood.

More reasons came later:

Dealing with bugs: Somehow I manage to trigger bugs in software pretty
easily. With open source and the appropriate knowledge I usually can
identify the actual cause within a short time and create patches.

Learning from other people's work: Writing computer programs is an area
where you'll never stop learning. Open source allows me to understand
how other people have solved problems.

No hazzle about licensing: Open source spares me a lot of hazzle: I am
not bound to "no more than ten concurrent users" limits, not affected
by an "license server is down". I can link or otherwise use other code
without having to deal with royalties.

Privacy: Overall, I have much more control about what the programs on
my computer actually do. I don't have to blindly trust closed source
vendors whether their software does things behind my back.

# Debian

My first Debian installation was in the year 2000, first bug reports
date to somewhen in 2004. That was also about the time when I started
creating my first Debian packages, mostly to distribute some private
programs in a reasonable way.

# Plans

Keep things running. Make things better. Find bugs. Fix bugs. Look for
some nice niches to do work.


Sebastian Ramacher

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