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Re: Michael Shuler: Declaration of intent

On Fri, 04 Nov 2016 14:33:06 -0500, Michael Shuler wrote:

> On 11/04/2016 01:24 PM, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> > I'm only replying to this message because you sent *two* different
> > request (I'm including both in my reply), one to become a DM and one
> > to become a DD-Uploading. Which one are you applying to?
> I started the "DD, uploading" process first, then noticed the "you
> should be DM for 6 months" note on one of the pages. OK, I'll start the
> DM process, too!
> I've been contributing longer than the DM process has existed, so
> personally, I don't have a strong feeling either way: do DM first, or go
> on with DD, uploading.
> I appreciate the reply, Gunnar. If you or anyone else has advice on
> going ahead and doing both processes in parallel or dropping one, I'll
> take it. :)

I suggest that you go directly the DD-uploading way.
In my understanding the "DM for some months" note is a hint that a
good experience in Debian packaging is required before becoming DD
but it's not the only options. And I think in your case it's quite
clear that you have enough experience already :)


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