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Re: Matthieu Caneill: Application Manager report

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2016-08-02):
> I've spent some time with Matthieu Caneill <matt@brokenwa.re>,
> exchanging emails to get to know him better and assessing his
> knowledge, philosophy and skills. He's been involved in Debian-related
> projects for a while (in particular debsources), and I've reviewed
> some of his code there too. All looks great.
> I am in 100% agreement with his advocate(s) - Matthieu Caneill
> <matt@brokenwa.re> can and should indeed be a Debian Developer,
> non-uploading right now. He's clueful and enthusiastic and should be
> an asset to Debian.
> I also look forward to the point when he converts his account status
> and gains upload rights.

This is great news! I've been very happy to meet Matthieu a while back,
and can only echo your comments. :)


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