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Re: DM application of Ferenc Wágner

Re: Ferenc Wágner 2016-02-01 <[🔎] 87fuxcdudn.fsf@lant.ki.iif.hu>
> I look forward to becoming a Debian Maintainer. Thanks for your attention.

I am working with Ferenc and others in the Debian HA team to get the
Pacemaker/Corosync stack back in shape, which is largely dysfunctional
in Jessie. The HA team was lacking manpower before, and almost all
packages under the team's umbrella were seriously in need of
attention. The team is working on fixing that for Stretch.

Ferenc is one of the active people in the new HA team, driving forward
the modernization of the complex software stack. He has handled
complex library transitions, is paying attention to details, and there
is usually little choice over just uploading the packages he has
prepared because there is nothing to add.

I've met Ferenc in person at the Heidelberg DebConf were we had a nice
chat about the future of high availability software in Debian.

I am wholeheartedly supporting his DM application, including looking
forward to him becoming a DD rather sooner than later.

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