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DM application of Dominik George


I herby declare my intention to become a Debian Maintainer.

I agree to the SC, DFSG and DMUP.

Currently, I am maintainer of xloadimage and morse2ascii. I co-maintain some 
minetest-mod-* packages, sitesummary from Debian Edu and am in progress of 
adopting the xrdp package, which is pending upload to experimental in a new 

See my DDPO for more information: 

Looking forward to becoming DM for maintenance of these and other packages,

PGP-Fingerprint: 3C9D 54A4 7575 C026 FB17  FD26 B79A 3C16 A0C4 F296

Dominik George · Mobil: +49-151-61623918

Teckids e.V. · FrOSCon e.V. · OpenRheinRuhr e.V.
Fellowship of the FSFE · Piratenpartei Deutschland
Opencaching Deutschland e.V. · Debian Contributor

LPIC-3 Linux Enterprise Professional (Security)

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