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Re: Advocacy for Ulrike Uhlig


On Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016, Intrigeri via nm wrote:
> I'm hereby sincerely advocating Ulrike Uhlig <u@451f.org>
> (EDE3 F444 3F34 D261 9514 D790 B14B B0C3 8D86 1CF1) to become
> Debian developers, uploading.
> I do trust Ulrike to have full, unsupervised, unrestricted upload
> to the archive right now. I'm super happy she is applying for NM
> now.

same here & much yay indeed that she finally decided to take the required step 
last steps! ;-)

I've really enjoyed working together with her in the last two years and I look  
forward to see more of her good work, just then without having to wait for 
sponsors… :-)


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