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Re: DM application of Giovani Ferreira

Hi all,

I declare that Giovani Augusto Ferreira has the technical skills needed to
maintain his packages in Debian. I worked as sponsor for several packages
made by him. So, I support his application to become a Debian maintainer.

Giovani maintains some packages alone and other inside the Forensics Team.
He already made several QA uploads and NMU too. Giovani is a teacher in a
High School course and uses Debian to teach his students. He also acts in
Brazilian Free Software Movement as speaker, always disseminating Debian.
So, I would like to see Giovani as DM and I think that he will make a
great work in Debian.

The Giovani's key fingerprint is B3F51A2712619C3ECD74B8E178494EF72375A66C.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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