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Advocacy for Thomas Koch


I advocate Thomas Koch to become Debian Developer, uploading.

The current status of Thomas Koch is Debian Maintainer.

Advocacy text:


I know Thomas Koch <thomas@koch.ro> since at least 2009. Already back then he's been a strong advocate of free software and had a faible for modern programming languages.

He's maintaining official Debian packages since at least January 2010 (according to minechangelogs) and is a DM since June 2010 (according to the debian-keyring changelog). He's active in multiple teams and I know at least of recent activity in the Emacsen and the Haskell teams, but he's also seems to be (or at least was) involved in the Java team.

https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=thomas%40koch.ro currently shows 13 packages and two ITPs. I have reviewed and/or sponsored five of those, partially multiple times: termit, simhash, unpaper, xwrited and editorconfig-emacs (ITP). His packaging work is conscientious and he knows what he's doing.

He attended already at least three DebConfs (I remember having spared some time with him at DC11, DC13 and DC15) and people are starting to expect that he is already a DD. (Overheard at the Debian meetup in Zurich two weeks ago: "Huh, you're not a DD?").

At DebConf11, he came up with the idea of Skills Exchange sessions, which seem to have become an integral part of DebConf since then.

>From my point of view, Thomas can be trusted to have full, unsupervised, unrestricted upload permissions to the archive. I'm sure, he'll be an enrichment for Debian.

Axel Beckert (via nm.debian.org)

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