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Re: Advocacy for Otto Kekäläinen


On 14.08.2015 14:01, Arnaud Fontaine via nm wrote:
> Hello,
> I advocate Otto Kekäläinen to become Debian Developer, uploading.
> The current status of Otto Kekäläinen is Debian Maintainer, with guest account.
> Advocacy text:
> I have been working with Otto as part of pkg-mysql team for more than a year (sometimes sponsoring his uploads for MariaDB 10) and I think he is doing a great job on MariaDB and more generally MySQL-related packages, which is far from being the most easy packages to deal with. Otto is technically very capable as well as being able to work within a team and upstream developers.
> Therefore, I hereby advocate him as I think he would be a good Debian Developer.
> Arnaud Fontaine (via nm.debian.org)

Otto is of enormous importance for Debian as a link to the MariaDB
community. It would be good if he would get the official DD status to
underline that he speaks as a member of our community.

Around for a while now, always reliable, producing very nice packages,
being very polite emails, repeatedly trying and nonetheless in his
language always friendly and constructive in his search for sponsors
that are not too shy/busy to think themselves into the MariaDB world,
please accept Otto as a DD.

Kind regards,


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