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Report for 'Debian Developer, uploading' applicant Diane Trout


I recommend to accept Diane Trout as a new Debian Developer, uploading.
The account name is diane.

 * Applicant background

I have been using Linux for a very long time. Possibly since Linux
0.97. I remember downloading Slackware over my modem and thinking this
is so much better than Windows 3.x.  I've know I've been using Debian
since before 2000.

Around that time I was doing MS Windows development professionally both
in Visual Basic and in Visual C++, but as time progressed I found how
Microsoft kept randomly changing frameworks irritating, and how little
influence I had over what they expected developers to do. (How many
different APIs does one company need for accessing a databases?)

After that I switched to a Debian on a laptop and started doing Python
development. But alas, back then in the early 2000s suspend didn't work
very well, and so I spent time using OS X and then Ubuntu.

Once Canonical tried their questionable Amazon partnership I decided to
go back to Debian and that I should contribute to help improve the
stability of the Debian desktop.


Tobias Frost

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