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Advocacy for Tássia Camões Araújo


I advocate Tássia Camões Araújo to become Debian Developer, non-uploading.

The current status of Tássia Camões Araújo is Debian Contributor.

Advocacy text:


I was really happy when I read that Tássia wants to become a Debian member.  I know her since DebConf 2005 and she always made the impression of a really engaged member of the Debian community.  I have met her again on nearly each DebConf I joined (and if not I was missing her ;-)).  Tássia was always very active in the organisation, namely the video team, I worked together with her in the schedule team and she probably did several other jobs which remained hidden from the DebConf audience since it was just working.
We know that she helped a lot if it came to the point of helping to make DebConf accessible which was probably inspired since he is a friend of Otavio who was able to enjoy DebConf a bit more due to Tássia's help.
In short: We need way more such kind, helpful and cheerful people like Tássia - so please accept her application soon.

Kind regards and thanks for your work as application maintainer

Andreas Tille (via nm.debian.org)

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