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AM report for Dmitry Shachnev

I recommend to accept Dmitry Shachnev as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Dmitry
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Shachnev
   Key fingerprint: F24299FF1BBC9018B906A4CB6026936D2F1C8AE0
   Account:         mitya57

2. Background

Quick biography:

- 20 year old (born on 1993-12-28);
- Living in Moscow, Russia;
- Finished math class at Moscow educational center № 57 in 2010;
- Currently 4th year student at Moscow State University (department of
  mechanics and mathematics).

I began using Linux on our school laptops, which had Ubuntu 7.10
pre-installed. For some years, I have used Ubuntu on my desktop, and now
I have Debian sid as the only OS on my laptop.

I am also developer of some upstream projects, most importantly ReText,
which also was the first package I maintained.

My primary areas of interest in Debian are:

- My software (retext, python-secretstorage);
- Python modules (python-markdown, python-gdata, pyqt5, python-docutils,
  sphinx, nose, python-keyring and some other ones);
- Qt 5 packages;
- MathJax.

A full list of packages I (co-)maintain is available on DDPO.

I want to volunteer my time (a) because I use Debian myself, so I want
it to work well for me, (b) because that gives me more experience and
understanding of how modern OSes work.

Stefano Rivera
  H: +27 21 461 1230 C: +27 72 419 8559

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