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Advocacy for Zlatan Todoric


I advocate Zlatan Todoric to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:


I advocate Zlatan Todorić to become a Debian Developer.  I have known Zlatan since he was a local team member for DebConf11.  In the lead up to DebConf, and during the conference, he was always enthusiastic and ready to help get work done when needed.

Zlatan started maintaining packages towards the end of 2011.  After adopting a first package, he has packaged a couple of others from scratch.  I have sponsored his uploads so far (and unintentionally slowed down their frequency), but I would prefer now that he gets direct upload rights, as recently I haven't seen any significant problems in versions that he has prepared for upload.  Zlatan also has several other packages prepared that he would like to upload, and in the longer term is keen to get involved in work on Debian infrastructure.

Zlatan is a strong proponent of free software.  He has been active in giving related talks and running install sessions for students at his university.  

In team discussions, Zlatan is good at injecting a cheerful note and pushing towards solutions that will be acceptable to the group.  

With solid technical abilities and good communications skills, Zlatan is well equipped to make greater contributions to Debian, and we should welcome him quickly as a project member.


Moray Allan (via nm.debian.org)

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