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Advocacy for Dariusz Dwornikowski


I advocate Dariusz Dwornikowski to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:

I have worked with Dariusz on many of the packages he now maintains. Even early on his work was near-perfect. He improved on that by using the mailing lists to his advantage, seeking help when needed.

I have always known Dariusz as a person extraordinarily motivated to contribute to Debian. He is interested in doing a good job in his packaging work and enjoys learning the policy and the reasons behind the policy rules. He communicates well on the various mailing lists. Dariusz maintains good relationship with the upstream developers of his packages and often manages to get fixes and patches incorporated upstream. He also organizes events to popularize Debian, and gives talks himself (e.g. P.I.W.O event in July). He is very well positioned to do this as he teaches Informatics at the Poznan University of Technology (Poland).

I think Dariusz's dedication, learning progress and knowledge is exemplary. I advocate his application to become a Debian Developer (Uploading) because I believe not only that he becomes a worthy addition to the project (who can be trusted to have full,
unsupervised, unrestricted upload to the archive), but that through him the project will most likely win many more new members.

Laszlo Kajan (via nm.debian.org)

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