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Advocacy for Chen Baozi


I advocate Chen Baozi to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:

Chen has been doing excellent work with the arm64 port, providing the hardware, helping set up the buildds, and porter box, and fixing a lot of packages that FTBFS on arm64. The nature of this work is across many packages, rather than working on one, or a few, specific packages, so it's necessary for him to get full DD rights to be able to do this work without me having to sponsor him. 

He has shown the ability to read the docs and understand Debian processes, as well as a willingness to follow those procedures. From a start of knowing little of debian processes, he quickly demonstrated full understanding of when a bug should be filed, or an NMU was appropriate, and whether that should be to debian-ports or Debian proper (with the slightly differing versioning and details those choices entail).

He has uploaded a pile of packages to debian-mentors for checking/bug filing/NMUing, which I am working through, but would like him to be able to do himself in due course. 

He has also done good work on Xen on arm, being the first person in the world to set up a Debian arm64 machine with multiple Xen intances.

In short Chen is a competent and diligent admin and port maintainer, and an asset to Debian. We should get him onboard.  

Wookey (via nm.debian.org)

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