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AM report for Andreas Rönnquist

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Hi all,

I recommend to accept Andreas Rönnquist as a Debian Developer. By
reviewing his work already in Debian and his answers to my question as
part of the NM process, I am satisfied that he has the technical
knowledge needed to be a DD. I am satisfied that he understands
Debian's definition of Free Software and our Social Contract. My
interactions with him and his previous work in Debian show him to be
pleasant to work with.

1. Identification & Account Data
- --------------------------------
   First name:      Andreas
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Rönnquist
   Key fingerprint: DB306E4B10FFD98EF4DB55D7194B631AB2DA2888
   Account:         gusnan

2. Background
- -------------
I got into Linux during 2005, thanks to Ubuntu, but have had free
software around for ages, before even learning what GNU, GPL and free
software means other than being without cost - I began my programming
career early, and like with many people, programming games was what got
me interested. First starting on the C64, and later using the Allegro
library I early got in touch with DJGPP (gcc for DOS/Windows) and later
MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows).

I got to Debian in 2006 and was immediately impressed with its
stability compared to what I had previously used, and have tried to
learn more about the system and its usage ever since then.

On Linux after leaving Gnome2 for Xfce, I have an interest in
GTK+-based applications that have a light memory/resource footprint.
Unfortunately there seems to be a whole lot of projects that fit this
criteria, but very few that really are maintained. That is the source
of my two first packages in Debian - SciteProj is a fork of ScitePM on
sourceforge which has been more or less dead for ages, and devilspie2
is a continuation of devilspie, and those two programs I am maintaining
"upstream" too in addition to the Debian work I do on them.

One of my projects which I have played with for a very very long time
is what I originally called "Damnation of the Gods", but I currently
have no name for (I have called it FreeDungeon, but I recently
discovered that that name unfortunately seems to be taken). It is a
clone of the old game Dungeon Master, and my intention is to make it
fully open source. The problem with this is to find people who can
contribute with graphics that can be released free in some way, since I
am no graphics artist myself. This I have played around with more or
less since before 2000 - this is also one of the sources of my interest
in the Allegro libraries which I have more or less used with this
project since back then. In the extension this could be seen as the
source for my interest in the Debian Games team.

I am active in the wider free software community and try to provide
translations and/or some patches for some of the programs/stuff I use,
like Claws Mail and GPA (GNU Privacy Assistant).

I am currently maintaining the Swedish translation of the Debian web
pages, since I discovered that they were massively out of date this
February, and could use some cleaning up.

I am maintaining Allegro4.4 and 5.0 in the games team together with
Tobias Hansen, but would gladly get more involved there maybe
maintaining more packages.

My reasons for volunteering my time in helping Debian is first and
foremost as a thank you to the community for what it has provided to
me with all its software, but also for getting knowledge and developing
my programming (and other) skills.

My non-computer related interests include music - I am a collector of
experimental and underground music of most forms, and I also watch a
whole lot of movies, and read books of fiction as often as I can
(which always can be more). I try to get a regular exercise by jogging
every now and then.

- -- 
- -- Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

   Ubuntu Developer <https://launchpad.net/~andrewsomething>
   Debian Developer <http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=asb>
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