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Advocacy for Geoff Levand


I advocate Geoff Levand to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:

Geoff has been maintaining a couple of packages, as both upstream and packager for a year or so:                                    
and would like to get upload rights to save badgering people for sponsorship.  
He also wants to look after ps3-utils, which is in need of love. http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/ps3-utils.html                     
He has recently been a huge help to Debian as the person who 
got 'doing the Debian arm64 bootstrap' back on Linaro's list of things 
to actually resource (https://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-722), which 
means I can spend work time on it so it progresses at more than glacial 
pace. He's also provided access to a big build machine in his lab to help get the 
bootstrap done, and is generally a really useful chap to have onboard.
He's a competent fellow (his packaging looks bang up todate to me), 
doing useful work, and should be a total shoe-in for Debian Membership.
He's got a nice newish 4K key which I've signed, and so have a few       
others, and his old key.

Wookey (via nm.debian.org)

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