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AM report for Brian Gupta

I recommend to accept Brian Gupta as a non-uploading Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Brian
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Gupta
   Key fingerprint: AF11 3DD0 EC49 8CD8 84BD  CB36 C0F8 864C DA3D 0358
   Account:         bgupta

2. Background

I have been working in technology since the mid 1990s and my first
introduction to involvement in a FLOSS community was OpenSolaris in
2007, where I was heavily involved in advocacy, documentation, and some
minor packaging work. I soon became disenchanted with corporate-driven
"Open Source", after Sun changed the expectations of the community, and
violated the terms of the charter that was used to found the community.

After this I eventually found myself at a local DebianNYC event and
really found a community that I felt at home with. Very soon after my
first DebianNYC event, I found myself part of the initial 3-man team
doing a fair share of the preliminary leg work for the New York DC10
bid. This including venue trips, designing the prototype for what
eventually became the logo for the conference, and other bid planning
activities. This eventually turned into an ongoing role on the DC10
DebConf local team, which includes press, fundraising and other
activities as needed.

My more recent activities were in a few areas:
1) dpl-helpers team - I regularly help with non-technical tasks, and
plan to continue to do so as long as I am welcome. An example of such a
task is the consolidation of the ideas in the recent campaign as Lucas
mentions here:
2) trademark team - I am currently leading the work on the trademark
team, and as Lucas is looking to make this a DPL delegation, I am
applying for NM to be able to continue working on the team. I expect
this will be my main area of contribution.
3) debian-cloud - I have been working with IaaS Cloud computing
environments professionally since 2008, and try to contribute to the
team from testing, documentation, and policy discussions. I plan to
continue to do so.
4) fundraising - I have been involved on and off in DebConf fundraising
since 2009 and am leading an effort to see if we can improve our
fundraising efforts, as currently they are rather disjointed. Lucas also
mentions this ongoing work here:

I plan to contribute to Debian as best as I can for the indefinite future.

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