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AM report for Hannes von Haugwitz

I recommend to accept Hannes von Haugwitz as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Hannes
   Last name:       von Haugwitz
   Key fingerprint: 2BBBD30FAAB29B3253BCFBA6F6947DAB68E7B931
   Account:         hvhaugwitz

2. Background
I'm 29 years old and recently finished my studies of computer science.
Currently I live in Saarbrücken (Germany) and work as a freelancer.

I started using Debian in 2006 out of curiosity. After 3 month I purged
my old operating system completely and since then I exclusively used

In 2009 I started to help out with the rule maintenance of the logcheck
and aide packages and after some while I also cared about the packaging
itself. Finally in Mai 2010 I became a Debian Maintainer. In October
2010 I took over the upstream development of aide[0]. Last month I
released rgxg[1] which I also want to integrate into Debian.

In Debian I would like to continue the packaging and join one or another
team. Additionally I want to integrate aide into the build process to
provide signed reference database snipptes which can be used to
(offline) check the integrity of the Debian system at any time.

[0] http://aide.sf.net
[1] http://rgxg.sf.net

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