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AM report for Agustin Henze

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I recommend to accept Agustin Henze as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
- --------------------------------
   First name:      Agustin
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Henze
   Key fingerprint: 7781 BC58 325E C6E4 96CA  F4ED 0228 5210 7890 38F2
   Account:         tin

2. Background
- -------------

Agustin writes:

   I've been around free software stuff since 2005 aprox. I remember my
   first installation was debian sarge (3 CDs if I remember well), that was
   hard but it was a great satisfaction when debian ran!
   I chose debian, because an university teacher recommended to me. In that
   moment I was using mandrake. Then I tried with debian, buying an one-way
   ticket . From that moment until now I love debian Project and
   gradually I got more involved.

   I've started maintaining some basic pieces of software for Debian a few
   months ago, and have loved doing so since then, but I feel I'm been
   involved since a couple of years before that, reporting bugs,
   evangelizing and such.

   I currently maintain 9 different pieces of software and I'm really
   excited of being part of the Debian Project. I started to migrate my
   packages to git (using collab-maint), for now nikola, doit, lpc21isp and
   yapsy are uploaded.

   I've a degree on Electronics Engineering and my passions are embedded
   systems, the python language, machine learning and the Debian Project .

   The main reason behind the why I aim to be DD is to take part of the
   decisions on the project I love, and hoping it gets through the right way.

   I've been spending some free time into a new license check using nltk,
   my intention is to build a more intelligent tool that can learn easily
   and fast about license changes automatically, and ease-up the process.


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