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AM report for Helmut Grohne

I recommend to accept Helmut Grohne as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Helmut
   Last name:       Grohne
   Key fingerprint: 4CC2 D2D9 0A8D 1654 DBF8  73AA 2D1A AACF 2444 4442
   Account:         helmutg

2. Background
I hardly remember when I first got in touch with free software. My first
distribution was some SuSE, but I switched to potato soon and upgraded
to sid not much later. This sid system still is my main working machine
even though every possible hardware part got replaced since. My first
steps were tiny C programs. I learned a number of other languages later.
Right now I use Python for most of my everyday tasks.

One of my first contributions to Debian likely has been reporting bugs
(for example #245782). I have provided a steady flow of reports ever
since. Occasionally I found a package missing (for example slate), but I
never got into maintaining packages, because all I need most often is
already there. I am more concerned with the quality of our packages. By
now I should have more NMU uploads than regular uploads. Recently I
provided a number of patches for multiarch and systemd service
descriptions. At some point I decided that it would be interesting to
fix the oldest (at that time) RC bug #88010. I am still waiting for the
unblock for my last upload of sgml-base. As you might have seen I also
help a bit to sort through the NFUs in testing-security and point my
finger on security issues as I discover them. My most recent activity is
http://dedup.debian.net/ which is about reducing the size of binary
packages and discovering embedded copies.

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