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AM report for Rodolfo García Peñas

I recommend to accept Rodolfo García Peñas as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Rodolfo
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       García Peñas
   Key fingerprint: 3F480B8CC385AD419E28006A7B1F549072B74923
   Account:         kix

2. Background

My name is Rodolfo García Peñas, my nick is "kix". I live in Madrid (Spain)
and I work in a Spanish Teleco company. I studied computer science (what

I started with Linux many years ago, in 1995 more or less. I used first
Slackware, then Debian and Red Hat in that years :-) Red Hat was so nice and
I was using 4.1 and 4.2 some time, but I had some problems with Red Hat 5.0
then I returned to Debian and then was my Linux distro. I updated from
version 1.3.1 to 2.0, with the libc5 to libc6 migration and other histories.

I was busy with other things, but two years ago I stated to help in
suspend-utils tools to suspend/hibernate computers. I was updating the
whitelist database. Then I tried to help the uswsusp package (upstream
suspend-utils). When I started with Linux I was using fvwm and fvwm95, then
I met Window Maker and was my window manager for some years. I returned to
wmaker because gnome/kde are nice, but too heavy and I sent some patches to
upstream. Then, I started to help with the wmaker package and some dockapps.
I am helping Debian now, because I have some time and I was using it many
many years. I should return some time to Debian.

I am maintaining these packages: uswsusp, wmaker, wmauda, wmbutton,
wmcpuload, wmmixer, wmmon and wmmoonclock.

In Debian I would like to continue with these packages, close bugs, help
with other packages. I would like join in some teams, but after close the
wmaker and uswsusp bugs (my aim now). I would like to learn more and help
other Developers.

Eugene V. Lyubimkin aka JackYF, JID: jackyf.devel(maildog)gmail.com
C++ GNU/Linux userspace developer, Debian Developer

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