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Advocacy for Sukhbir Singh


I advocate Sukhbir Singh to become non-uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

tl;dr: It's with great pride that I advocate Sukhbir Singh to become a non-uploading DD without reserve or hesitation.

At the risk of putting too fine a point on it, I'd like to make myself a bit more clear. I believe that Sukhbir is ready now (yes, right now) to become a non-uploading DD, with all the rights, privileges and obligations thereof.

Sukhbir was an absolute godsend during the GSoC 2012 cycle. His work organizing the GSoC was of the utmost quality, and was a huge help to everyone.

I had the absolute privilege to meet him at the mentor's summit, and found him to be outstandingly friendly, personable, exceedingly funny, and an absolute pleasure to be around. He's shown himself to be quite an asset to the Debian community as an ambassador to everyone he meets.

His work thus far for GSoC 2013 preparation has been of the same stellar quality as last year.

The fact he's *not* a non-uploading DD has held Sukhbir back from getting a DPL delegation. The fact he's mentioned as an administrator, but can not (by policy) receive the delegation is reason enough, IMHO.

It's with great pleasure that I advocate Sukhbir to become a non-uploading Debian Developer.

Paul Richards Tagliamonte (via nm.debian.org)

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