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AM report for Jérémy Lal


I recommend to accept Jérémy Lal as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Jérémy
   Last name:       Lal
   Key fingerprint: 03C4E7ABB880F524306E48156611C05EDD39F374
   Account:         kapouer

2. Background

"Childhood -> job
I am 35 years old, and have always been interested by computers,
which were a new object in my childhood. Besides usual gaming,
when i was fourteen i learnt alone (no internet at that time) 68xxx
assembly and how to hack various copy protected software and games
on Mac II using macsbug, a wonderful in-ram disassembler.
I stopped that when i started studying mathematics and physics, between
1995 and 2003. I got a nice diploma (école polytechnique, france) but finding
a job was the hardest part. I would not work for a bank, an area which was
recruiting a lot of people with my profile. In 2004 a friend of mine asked
if i would work with him for doing websites and software on mobile phones.
One particularity was that we're working from home in countryside.
An artisanal job without investors... i accepted happily.

Job -> Debian
We created a small company and since then have been doing mostly websites.
It is when i created a custom wysiwyg CMS in 2005, for our first big website,
that we were hosted by friends who run a business with servers on Debian.
They advised us to use free software like postgresql, apache, php so i started
with that from the very beginning of the project. I naturally installed
Debian in 2006 on my desktop pc because i was dis-satisfied with the other
commercial OS like osx and windows : software was not managed globally.

Contributions to Debian
[If that's ok with you, please see my previous email (the reply to the
NM application to the front desk) for time frame and work i've been doing
after that point. I can send it to you if you prefer.]

Areas of interest
I am mainly interested in the web software stack, server as well as client
side. I used a lot php/pgsql and now am moving partly to nodejs/mongodb, with
web servers like apache2, lighttpd or nginx, administering five servers
for hosting our clients websites (around fifteen php and two nodejs) and
services (pdf generation using some fastcgi C program, graph generation using
fastcgi octave program, uploading of big files, messages broadcast to 200k
web clients using websockets, maps server).

I think of Debian as the perfect tool for my professional (as well as
personnal) needs, and while the idea of the tool is perfect, i realize
it needs manpower to stay an actual nice tool. My goal is to make sure Debian
stays the platform of choice for web development and server. I am working
on adding new tools (nodejs lately) and my plan is to continue with the
javascript stack for some time. The variety of our clients needs make me
dig into various languages and tools, so i am not bound to stay exclusively
on the same software."

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