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AM report for Balint Reczey

I recommend to accept Bálint Réczey as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Bálint
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Réczey
   Key fingerprint: 0C87 E537 10F3 240B 7041 E203 992B 8C75 A567 4EC1
   Account:         rbalint

2. Background

The first commands I learned were pon and poff as the first Linux system
I met functioned as a dialup gateway for a small network in my father's
company. It was installed from a CD addition of the Hungarian CHIP magazine
extra issue. The whole extra issue was dedicated to Linux and the included
Debian Slink installer CD made us able to try out everything written in the
articles. Naturally, we did try everything. :-)

Building Linux systems became my hobby soon and I sticked to Debian after
trying a few other distibutions. I also worked part-time as a system
administrator during the university years.
(I have an MSc in Computer and Information Science)

I started packaging Open-Xchange [1] and I hoped it could become a good
collaboration software but licensing issues forced me to stop working on
the package. It was the only public Debian package I created from scratch
before I joined the NM process.

Later I started contributing to Wireshark and was invited to join the
Wireshark project as a core developer. I usually needed the latest
developments for my work and did not like the idea of installing things
to /usr/local so I started maintaining private Wireshark packages. Seeing
that the official packages needed some care I replied to the RFH bug [2],
and started to co-maintain the wireshark package, first through sponsored
uploads and now as a DM.

I'm a co-maintainer of meld, too.

My primary interest is maintaining the wireshark packages, but I would also
like to work on other packages in the need of some care. This is how I
picked meld.

At the moment my main goal in Debian is keeping my packages in good shape.
I would like to volunteer my time to help Debian providing better and better
packages, because I think developing Open Source Software is great, but
we have to distribute the software to users to make it actually useful.

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