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AM report for Asias He

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I recommend to accept Asias He as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
- --------------------------------
   First name:      Asias
   Last name:       He
   Key fingerprint: E0FD6DAE7C51262FDAE6A28B7174A18FAAA7A078
   Account:         asias

2. Background
- -------------

My name is Asias He. I live in Beijing, China. I got my bachelor's
degree in Electronic Science and Technology at Sichuan University. I am
studying at Beihang University right now for my master's degree in
Computer Science and Technology.  I started the journey of GNU/Linux
since 2005. I've been using and developing GNU/Linux since then. I love
it with passion.

Debian is my favorite GNU/Linux distribution. I use Debian a lot and I
want to make it better, so I started packaging for Debian since 2008.
Packaging software and maintaining are my primary areas of interest
within Debian. I love and have some backgrounds in virtualization (KVM
and Xen) and Linux kernel. I'd like to work with the Debian
Kernel/Virtualization team in the future.

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