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Advocacy for Julien Patriarca


I advocate Julien Patriarca to become non-uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

Julien applies for non-uploading DD. I've followed his work in the debian-l10n-french team for over 2 years now.

He is a very committed translator, reactive to needed updates and well participating to reviews and other l10n team activities.

I think that going through the new maintainer process would help him to get even more involved and probably help those of us who are deeply involved to get more help in many tasks.

Of course, in the case of a non-uploading DD, it is hard to judge about the overall benefit for Debian and for the applicant but I think that encouraging more involved contributors to apply as non-uploading DD is really a good move.

My feeling about Julien application is that I've seen him involved and reactive enough for the probability of good benefit for Debian to have him as a non-uploading DD.

Christian Perrier (via nm.debian.org)

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