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Advocacy for Andrew Shadura


I advocate Andrew Shadura to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

Andrew has been maintaining and developing the ifupdown package in Debian for at least the last 13 months (that's the time since his first sponsored upload).  During that time, I've been reviewing and testing his work, and then building, signing and uploading it.

Andrew has taken and maintained the existing ifupdown package, so this has not been packaged from scratch.  I've been mentoring the packaging work, which has steadily improved since I started reviewing at the start.  Initially, I was finding and providing a good amount of feedback about things which needed attention.  Andrew took the comments and criticism well, and went back and worked on the package to address these shortcomings.  However, with all the more  recent uploads I have found very little to find fault with, as he has now clearly learned how to handle the maintenance well, and they are all of consistently high quality.  I'm sure that Andrew is at this point capable of working without my supervision, and maintaining the same high level of quality.

However, the packaging work Andrew has done is not the major part of his contribution.  Since being effectively abandoned by its maintainer in 2007, ifupdown had no work done on it, despite being a key component of all Debian systems.  Andrew has done a lot of new development, as well as picking up the last unfinished experimental releases which never got completed.  This was done by making a series of uploads to experimental, finally resulting in a new stable release a few weeks ago which went into unstable for wheezy.  Additionally, while this new development work was ongoing, Andrew also maintained the existing stable release in unstable.

Andrew has good technical skills.  The sources for ifupdown are maintained in mercurial, and a large part of it is written in web (which is then used to generate the C sources for building).

I've found Andrew a pleasure to work with over the last year, so I am happy to advocate for his application to become a Debian Developer.


Roger Leigh (via nm.debian.org)

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