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Re: bits from the NM process: advocacy, no more AM reports, AMs needed

Enrico Zini dixit:

>[1] https://nm.debian.org/public/findperson/

No, the form is missing the submit button, this doesn’t work.

>[2] The DD needs to have their webpassword set, which every DD can do at
>    https://db.debian.org/login.html

This doesn’t work either, I can log into db.d.o but not here,
sso.d.o says: 「Access denied. The username / password combination
you entered is invalid. Please try again.」

13:37⎜«Natureshadow» Deep inside, I hate mirabilos. I mean, he's a good
guy. But he's always right! In every fsckin' situation, he's right. Even
with his deeply perverted taste in software and borked ambition towards
broken OSes - in the end, he's damn right about it :(! […] works in mksh

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