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Re: NM report from 2012-03-04 to 2012-04-23

On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 04:55:35PM -0000, NM Front Desk wrote:

>                   Weekly Report on Debian New Members                   
>                   ===================================                   

\o/ I've reimplemented the weekly reports!

> >From 2012-03-04 to 2012-04-23.

...with an extra feature to allow it to catch up with the long period we
had without reports...

> Weekly Summary Statistics
> =========================
> 1 more people applied to become a Debian Maintainer, with guest account
> 7 more people applied to become a Debian Developer, uploading
> 12 people became Debian Developer, uploading
> 1 people became Debian Developer, non-uploading

...and adapted it to the new site, that can track all sort of

> 222 people became Debian Developer, emeritus
> 197 people became Debian Developer, removed

...in this case, processes that weren't tracked before have been
bulk-inserted recently.

> New AM candidates
> =================
> 4 DDs are now 180 days old and can decide to become AMs: ;)
>   Mattias Ellert <ellert>
>   Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <lisandro>
>   Stephen Leake <stephe>
>   Gergely Nagy <algernon>

This comes at a welcome time: we have 9 people waiting for an AM, and
quite a shortage of AMs. If you (and not just you) would like to try,
mail nm@debian.org

> AM checks
> =========
> 26 processes have had no apparent activity in the last 30 days:

The inactivity threshold of this report has been considerably lowered,
since the new log-based site allows progress to be updated much more
freely. I cannot think of any reason to have a month without a progress
update, and the applicant not on hold.



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