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Re: New nm.debian.org site is up!

Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org> writes:

>  * NM Committee definition changed
> The NM CTTE definition changed from "AMs who approved someone in the
> last 6 months" to "AMs that had an applicant become DD in the last 6
> months". That is mostly for ease of computation.
> It should not change much, but it's worth documenting. If you think this
> is wrong for some good reason, let us know at nm.debian.org

Maybe this should be changed to the last 5 still active AMs that had an
applicant become DD plus any that had one become DD in the last 6
month. That way the NM Committee would be harder to loose all its
members. But lets hope that is a pathological case.


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