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Re: DM application of Neutron Soutmun

Hello Anibal,

I have signed your key and sent you emails.

As you will sign my key, The fingerprint of 0xA6CDC457 is below:

pub   4096R/A6CDC457 2009-05-10
      Key fingerprint = F532 DA10 E563 EE84 4409  77A1 9D04 70BD A6CD
uid                  Neutron Soutmun (Neutron) <neo.neutron@gmail.com>
uid                  Neutron Soutmun (Neutron) <neutron@neutron.in.th>
uid                  Neutron Soutmun (Neutron) <neutron@rahunas.org>
sub   4096R/153041D4 2009-05-11

Best regards,
Neutron Soutmun

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