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AM report for Francesco Namuri

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Francesco
   Last name:       Namuri
   Key fingerprint: 20FC 1C89 F7B8 F724 08FD  B4B1 8E27 6437 3B30 EB44
   Account:         franam
   Forward email:   francesco@namuri.it

   ID check passed, key signed by 2 existing developers.
   Key is already part of the DM keyring, so 1024D keylength is acceptable.
   Key is expiring at the end of January, I will ask Francesco to extend
   the length of it but I am aware he is already working on getting a new
   4096R key (187B2D8E) signed by other DDs.

   Output from keycheck.sh:
pub   1024D/3B30EB44 2009-01-06 [expires: 2012-01-30]
      Key fingerprint = 20FC 1C89 F7B8 F724 08FD  B4B1 8E27 6437 3B30 EB44
uid                  Francesco Namuri (accipiter) <francesco@namuri.it>
sig!         F095E5E4 2009-01-12  Marco Nenciarini <mnencia@prato.linux.it>
sig!3        33FC40A4 2009-01-08  A Mennucc1 <mennucc1@debian.org>
sig!3        3B30EB44 2011-01-30  Francesco Namuri (accipiter) <francesco@namuri.it>
sig!3        3B30EB44 2009-01-06  Francesco Namuri (accipiter) <francesco@namuri.it>
sub   4096g/01C9F737 2009-01-06 [expires: 2012-01-30]
sig!         3B30EB44 2011-01-30  Francesco Namuri (accipiter) <francesco@namuri.it>

Key is OpenPGP version 4 or greater.
Key has only 1024 bits.  This is not acceptable if the application
was started after October 1st, 2010 (see [KM] for details).
[KM] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/09/msg00003.html
This is an DSA key.  This might need an explanation (see [KM] for details).
[KM] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/09/msg00003.html
Valid "e" flag, but it expires Mon 30 Jan 2012 10:21:00 AM PST.
This is too soon!
Please ask the applicant to extend the lifetime of their OpenPGP key.
Valid "s" flag, but it expires Mon 30 Jan 2012 10:21:00 AM PST.
This is too soon!

2. Background
   Applicant writes:

I'm Francesco Namuri, I'm 32 years old, I work as system administrator in
a small company near Pisa, I manage some Linux machines acting tasks
like mail server, firewall, router, asterisk gateway. I've enough
experience in working with mixed realities (Windows Server, OSX, Linux),
I work also as PHP developer, making  application software for other
small companies. I'm also studying computer science engineering at the
university of Pisa.

   Google says:
Active in Debian (first page is mostly Debian related), as well as
Ubuntu (part of the Sardinian translation team).

3. Philosophy and Procedures
   Francesco has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and procedures
   and answered all my questions about the social contract,
   DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. Francesco committed to uphold the SC and DFSG
   in his Debian work and accepts the DMUP.

4. Tasks and Skills
   Francesco has a good understanding of the technical side of Debian.
   Francesco is maintainer of blueproximity, cryptkeeper, dictconv,
   gnomeradio, gramophone2, homeback & qemulator (sponsored by various
   DDs and some now maintained using DM status).
   All packages are in good shape; there are some open bugs, but he has
   been proactive about sorting out major issues.
   Francesco also answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems
   and provided patches for RC bugs. (eg #645577 around
   porting gnomeradio2 to GTK 3).

5. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept Francesco Namuri as a Debian Developer.


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