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Re: AM report for Tanguy Ortolo

Gunnar Wolf, 2011-12-09 13:36-0600:
> 2. Background
> -------------
>    I didn't explicitly ask Tanguy for his formation and personal
>    history, as I didn't really feel it as something needed — and
>    asking him "who are you" after the AM process is basically done
>    does not seem that would add much to it.

As it seems there is some demand for a biography after all, here is an
autobiography. I am limiting it to what I think could have a more or
less direct link to my involvement in Debian.

I was born in 1985, and I followed general studies, progressively
oriented to sciences. During my preparatory class I was able to discover
Mandriva Linux, which we used for programming (the exact environment was
Mandriva, Emacs and Caml Light), and the LaTeX system which was much
used by the teachers and recommended to the students.

I enventually integrated an engineer school, l'École Centrale Paris,
where I got time to get involved into the association VIA Centrale
Réseaux which manages the network of the students residence. VIA does an
extensive use of Debian GNU/Linux, and I served there as a system
administrator (a /root/, using the local jargon) and as the general
secretary, a chair which adn occupied two years before me. I also gave
some trainings to other students on subjects such as networking, Unix,
Debian or LaTeX.

I graduated in 2008, and since them I have been working as a system
engineer for customer hosting at Neolane, a proprietary marketing
software editor, which also happens to do an extensive use of Debian.

>    I found this effort³ where Tanguy participates — Looks like a quite
>    well made course on Debian. It is French only, so I cannot comment
>    thoroughly on it, but it also shows part of his involvement and
>    interest.
>    ³

Actually, this is an unofficial mirror of the “Formation Debian
GNU/Linux” which is originally avalable at
<http://formation-debian.via.ecp.fr/>. For non-French readers, this is a
quite large document which guides the reader through a rather manual
and progressive installation of Debian in order to make him discover and
learn this system. It is primarily aimed at beginners who already have
computing knowledge about other operating systems and are willing to
discover GNU/Linux in order to master it. Or, in simpler words, to guide
a Windows power-user to the bright side of the force. ;-)

That document was started by Alexis de Lattre at VIA Centrale Réseaux; I
took over its maintenance when he started not to have enough time to
continue it.


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