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Re: Advocating Satoru KURASHIKI <lurdan@gmail.com>

Hello, New Member Front Desk and lists.

I, Yukiharu YABUKI, adovocates Satoru KURASHIKI.

(1) Kansai Debian Meeting(*1) was started by me since 2007/03/31.
    Then I resign host position. He has succeed in host position.
    He is one of core person which run Kansai Debian Meeting every

(2) I has been Debian Maintainer, I adovocated him. And I and other
    Debian developer helps him to upload Debian packages.

(3) These days, I help him to upload e2wm package. It seems to me
    that he has been ready to challenge Debian Developer.

(4) He has joined to work Japanese translation. He has potency which
    join Debian Conference in the globe. Then I wish he is not only
    maintain packages but also coordinate between Japan and
    That is why it is high time to be Debian Developer and
    join Debian conference in next or later.

(5) He is mature person. He is old enough to co-work with others And
    He has enthusiasm for Debian

(*1) http://wiki.debian.org/KansaiDebianMeeting
Sorry, This contents written in Japanese. But You can see
activity. If you would like to use translator in the Net.

On Sun, 04 Dec 2011 07:25:37 +0000
NM Front Desk <recommend@nm.debian.org> wrote:

> Auth-Key: nmauthd3dc4a64f67987048ba093ee3eb45f50
> Applicant: Satoru KURASHIKI <lurdan@gmail.com>
> Why do you advocate this person? (please provide a 5-10 line summary).
> You are encouraged to take questions such as the following into account
> but you're not limited to answering these:
>  - How have they contributed to Debian already?
>  - What do they intend to do for Debian in the future?
>  - How do they interact with others, such as users and other developers?
> Please note that by default your answer will also be sent to
> debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org to allow others to comment on it.
> This is an automated message from the Debian New Member website.
> Someone (possibly you) from the IP address
> nominated the Debian developer with the login "yyabuki" as an advocate
> for Satoru KURASHIKI's application.
> If you want to complete the advocacy process reply to this email, answer
> the questions above and GPG sign it. Please also make sure to include the
> Auth-Key (listed above) in your GPG signed reply.
> If you do not want to advocate this application or do not know what it
> means, just ignore this email.

Yukiharu Yabuki (矢吹幸治)                      I use Debian GNU/Linux
mail: yabuki@netfort.gr.jp

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