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Re: Advocating Intrigeri <intrigeri+debian@boum.org>

I'm writing to advocate intrigeri for the role as a Debian Developer.

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 14:28:40 +0000, NM Front Desk <recommend@nm.debian.org> wrote:
> Auth-Key: nmauthecd79e7be9441e2c4a259f1d27fc84aa
> Applicant: Intrigeri   <intrigeri+debian@boum.org>
> Why do you advocate this person? (please provide a 5-10 line summary).

Intrigeri has been a comitted contributor to Debian for some time now,
not just technically, but also to the principles of the project as

I have worked closely with Intrigeri for a number of years on various
projects, and have always been impressed by the comitted, clear-headed
contributions he has brought to those projects. I think that his
packages and software speak for themselves, he brings thoughtful
knowledge, dedication and quality to his work, in ways that we could all
learn from. Somehow Intrigeri's packages always show up all ready to be
sponsored, no matter how hard I try to find something to make him
change! Some of the interesting and important things that Intrigeri is
involved in include (but are not limited to), the following:

  * Core developer of Tails, a Debian Live system

  * Maintainer of the metche package:

  * Maintainer of the backupninja package (for about 2 years):

  * Maintainer of the parcimonie package (recently uploaded):

  * Long-time contributor to the Debian Live toolkit.

  * Long-time record of activity on Debian BTS (mainly bug triaging):

  * in progress ITPs:
    - onioncat   (#626380) - sorting out copyright/license issues with
    - libgsecuredelete (#636041) and nautilus-wipe (#636043) - just
      need to add debian/changelog entries that close the ITP bugs,
      will be uploaded real soon now™

I have a lot of trust in Intrigeri as a person, he cares deeply about
doing the right thing, is very considerate and the kind of person that
Debian can only benefit from having around!

I would be quite happy to advocate Intrigeri to become a Debian


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