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minechangelogs is now FAST


after some hacking at Debcamp it's time to announce this:

  $ time ./minechangelogs Zini > /dev/null
  real	0m3.019s
  user	0m0.072s
  sys	0m0.008s

Most of those 3 seconds were spent establishing a connection through the
busy Debconf wireless LAN. Server-side it goes like this:

  $ time ./mc-query Zini > /dev/null
  real	0m0.100s
  user	0m0.060s
  sys	0m0.040s

You just update your templates check out, and play with it.

Now there is no excuse not to look up your NM applicant.

Please remember that if lots of substantial work, sustained over time,
shows up in minechangelogs, you can consider reducing T&S or just
skipping it altogether, and replacing it with the minechangelogs output
attached to the AM report.



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