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Re: Re: Advocating Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it>


Even being a bit too late (given that Francesca already has an AM), I'd
like to add some words.

On -10/01/-28163 20:59, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Hi!
> * NM Front Desk <recommend@nm.debian.org> [110207 19:04]:
>> Auth-Key: nmauthbddf7c3d7ca339cfdb658502b63f931d
>> Applicant: Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it>
>> Why do you advocate this person? (please provide a 5-10 line summary).
> Francesca is member of Debian's publicity team, web team and the Italian
> language team.  She's quick and responsive regarding translation of
> announcements and the DPN, and has been increasingly active in the web
> team, which she also plans to continue in the future.

I can confirm that she's really active, always interested in learning
and understanding new tools for what she do for Debian (mainly
translation in the Italian team; I'm also really happy to have seen her
joining in events and merchandising team).

I think that one of her main quality is the ability to welcome and
encourage other contributors, always being supportive and enthusiastic
with them. The Italian Debian community is benefiting much from that.

I definitely recommend the Debian Project to accept Francesca Ciceri as
a non-uploading DD.

Ciao, Giovanni.
Giovanni Mascellani <mascellani@poisson.phc.unipi.it>
Pisa, Italy

Web: http://poisson.phc.unipi.it/~mascellani
Jabber: g.mascellani@jabber.org / giovanni@elabor.homelinux.org

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