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Re: Advocating Vincent Caron <vincent@zerodeux.net>

Auth-Key: nmauth8414f78c183eeecda7c18121eb37f36b
Applicant: Vincent Caron <vincent@zerodeux.net>


  I have known Vincent Caron - <vincent@zerodeux.net>, fingerprint 9F57
0D72 5ECD 73FF 83AF  8399 D2F0 0122 5CDB B45B - for several years. I
have verified that he understands the DFSG and Debian Social contract,
and I am confident he will respect them within the Debian project as he
did for the past years on other projects like the Gna! forge.

  I also understand I grant him unrestricted access to upload packages.
I have verified via a previous sponsorship that he can upload well
formed and lintian-clean packages, and trust him to maintain them in the
long run.


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