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Experimental reorganisation of NM templates


I've committed an experimental reorganisation of the NM templates.

The templates were intended as a repository of questions the AM can
pick from according to what they'd like to ask a specific candidate.
Something to be adapted on a case by case basis.

However, their affordance produced a tendency to just post the whole
lot, making NM often unnecessarily long, both for the applicant and for
the AM who needs to review the answers.

Therefore I went through the templates with a metaphorical axe. A rather
big one, too.

The deleted questions have been moved to *_extra.txt files, so the
repository of questions is still as rich as before. However, it should
now require a bit more effort to ask extra questions, so in theory by
default it will be done only when needed.

This said, I'd like to repeat that the templates are not a list of
questions DAM wants to be asked. The only really needed one is the
SC+DMUP endorsement. AMs should otherwise evaluate applicants as they
see fit. Please do not just blindly take templates from the svn repo and
throw them to your applicant without applying your own common sense.

It wouldn't be the first time that there are bits in the templates one
wouldn't send to their applicants unless one were blindly copy&pasting.

Let me know what you think of the reorganisation I've done.



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