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Re: Advocating Andreas B. Mundt <andi.mundt@web.de>


On Samstag, 25. September 2010, NM Front Desk wrote:
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> Applicant: Andreas B. Mundt <andi.mundt@web.de>
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>  - What do they intend to do for Debian in the future?
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I've met Andi the first time online when he introduced himself in December 
2009 with his very first mail to the debian-edu list, after following it for 
some time. That was 

In the following months he first translated the debian-edu-doc manual into 
German (the whole manual has roughly 1100 strings of which he translated 
roughly 80% I'd guess), followed by some patches for the manual build system. 
(Shortly put: it uses the docbook export from wiki.d.o, runs that through 
po4a for translations and then generates different exports put in debian 
binary packages.)

After the manual was in much better shape he started working on harder things: 
integration of Kerberos into the Debian Edu setup, improvements to the used 
LDAP schemas and integration of gosa (Description: Web Based LDAP 
Administration Program) into our setup. 

Since January 2010 he has commit access to the Debian Edu repository, first he 
only committed to debian-edu-doc, since April he has also commited to 
debian-edu-artwork, debian-edu, debian-config and debian-edu-install. He's 
also already listed as uploader for all of the packages. 

I've reviewed all of his commits and was constantly impressed by their 

This (all), plus his calm and friendly working style, both on the list as well 
as on irc, made me suggest him for the DebConf10 newbies initiative, which 
was aimed to bring new people to DebConf, so that they can benefit from the 
enthusiam and networking boosts DebConf usually bring to people. Even though 
the initiative was aimed at existing Debian developers, Andreas was one of 
the seven accepted people. My advoctaion mail which convinced Joey and 
Stefano to accept him is attached to this mail.
More about the initiative: see 
and http://upsilon.cc/~zack/blog/posts/2010/06/welcome_DebConf_newbies/

And then my impressions from the mailing list nicely matched with reality when 
I first met Andreas this summer in NYC at DebConf10.

So in summary: in my experience Andreas has been and is a very valuable and 
good to work with contributor to Debian Edu (and Debian Edu is Debian) 
already and I look forward to when he will has become an official Debian 
Developer. I believe he will make good use of the additional ressources and 
possibilities a DD has.

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Hi Joey,

first of all a general comment: thank you very much for your efforts to bring 
new blood into Debian and DebConf! (Or, should I say, for "refreshing 
existing blood" ;)

I'd like to nominate Andreas Mundt for DebConf funding, as he has been doing 
awesome work for Debian Edu and is planning to intense his involvement 

When he first become involved in Debian Edu, he translated the debian-edu-doc 
manual (a pdf with 120 pages or so) basically alone to German, then fixed 
some issues in the build system and rendering. 

Since some time he has widened his activities greatly. Currently he is 
focussing on adding Kerberos to the Debian Edu out-of-the-box setup for 
schools (which currently just uses ldap) and to integrate gosa (the package) 
as sysadmin frontend for teachers. While gosa is in use e.g. in the LiMux 
deployment in Munich successfully, it is not easy to setup and Debian Edu 
also lacks a similar tool since we removed webmin for good. 

Since the release of Lenny most development for Debian Edu for squeeze was 
either done by him or Petter Reinholdtsen. Currently Debian Edu doesnt have 
many active technical developers (mostly Petter, Andreas and me, plus 3-4 
people who also contribute technically) and Andreas is the "new blood" Debian 
Edu deeply needed. I'm very happy about him having become so involved and 
wishing to continue this and become deeper involved!

At the moment Andreas has not yet applied for neither DM nor DD but is 
planning to do so, when he is ready. Which I think is a very reasoable cause 
of action, especially as he is focussing on the kerberos/gosa things at the 
moment, as he knows other people in Debian Edu will happily upload his work.

From what I understood, being DM or DD is prefered for this kind of 
sponsoring, but not strictly neccessary, so I thought+think I'll go forward 
with this nomination. (After having the idea some time ago and then having 
dropped it again due to him not being a DM/DD, the idea came back this week, 
when I saw the huge progress he made getting gosa ready out of the box).

I believe attending DebConf10 will improve Andreas technical skills and his 
knowledge about Debians structures and procedures and it will allow him to 
connect deeper to the Debian develper community, which all should result in 
lots of gain for Debian Edu. Plus, all of this will increase his already 
great motivation even further, which is another win for all of us :-)


P.S.: when I say "Debian Edu" I usually mean Debian too. Debian Edu is Debian: 
99,9% source packages were identical in lenny and in squeeze the diff should 
be even smaller. Andreas is contributing to that too! 

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