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Advocacy for Praveen Arimbrathodiyil application as Debian maintainer


I'd like to advocate the application of Praveen as Debian maintainer.

I "know" Praveen for several years in Debian, as a translator for his
language, Malayalam, spoken by about 35M of people in South-West
India, in the state of Kerala (hope that I'm correct here, Praveen..:-)).

I can't directly speak about Praveen's technical abilities to maintain
Debian packages because I've never been involved directly with him in
that task. I guess that other advocates will be better qualified than
me to speak about this.

However, I want to speak about Praveen's commmitment to his work in
Debian and related projects.

He is for now quite some time the pilar of Malayalam localization in
Debian, particularly in the installer. In that task, Praveen is very
reliable and reactive. That gives a good proof that he's not someone
who will vanish rapidly after applying, definitely.

Praveen is also involved in the Debian-IN project on Alioth, aimed at
the maintainance of packages related to support of languages of
India. Allowing him to upload some of these packages would help in
having this group to be mor eefficient in packaging work.

I have always seen him as opened to learn about new stuff and able to
ask for helpwhen he doesn't know something...which I personnally
consider to be one of the most important qualities for Debian
Maintainers and Developers.

In short, from the perspective I have (which could be completed by
other advocates when it comes at more detailed "technical" skills), I
think that Praveen is a good candidate for becoming a Debian maintainer.


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