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Re: Advocating William Vera <billy@billy.com.mx>

Enrico Zini dijo [Sun, May 09, 2010 at 04:22:13PM +0100]:
> > I have not directly worked Debian-wise with William, but know him from
> > the Free Software activities in my country - and have talked with him
> > several times. I have reviewed his currently sponsored work in Debian,
> > and is very well kept, which speaks well about his personal abilities
> Just one clarification: you say "I have not directly worked Debian-wise
> with William", and that phrase raises a FD alarm bell about this size:
> http://www.1-800-4clocks.com/images/Big-Ben-Clock-Bell-London.jpg
> However you say that you have reviewed his sponsored work in Debian. The
> two statements are, as I see it, contradictory, unless it was just a
> quick review.
> (...)

Hi Enrico,

I added William as a recipient - Billy, I told you so! ;-) I told you
I would not be a good advocate for you, as we have stone-cold and
iron-cast people sitting at the frontdesk. Not only that, they
masquerade for a nice, warm, lovable Italian guy... Nobody is safe

Enrico, on a more serious note: I agree with you. I know (and stand by
what I wrote) William will make a good addition to Debian, and I would
have liked him to take this step several years ago already. However, I
also agree I cannot judge his technical work - I did a bit more than
just looking at the pages, but of course, that's not as much as saying
"I have worked closely with him".


Gunnar Wolf • gwolf@gwolf.org • (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244

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