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Advocating Adrian Knoth

Hi all,

I've very glad Adrian applied to become DM. During the last year I
sponsored his uploads for some of the key audio packages in Debian, like
ardour and jack-audio-connection-kit. He has been doing a great job in
policing the packages, making the lintian clean and almost bug-free
(BTS-wise), chasing some very old bugs as well.

He's very close to the upstream authors of the packages he maintains,
and very diligent in submitting patches and keeping up with development
changes. Nevertheless he has always been answering promptly and with
competence to user-reported bugs, helping to sort out problems. He's
also very present on the Debian Multimedia project and mailing list, and
well informed about what's going on in other packages directly or
indirectly related to the ones he maintains.

I'm fully supporting his application as DM, and I'm confident he will
keep up with all the good work done so far.



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