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Re: Intent to become a Debian Maintainer

On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 05:41:50PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 01:30:47PM -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>>This is my declaration of intent to become a Debian Maintainer
>>I have read the Social Contract, Debian Free Software Guidelines and
>>Debian Machine Usage Policy and agree with all of them.
>>Currently, I maintain the checkinstall package, and co-maintain cmt,
>>csound{,-manual}, liblo and qutecsound.
>>My GnuPG key 408DD6CF is signed by the Debian Developer Robert Collins.
>>I look forward to becoming a Debian Maintainer. Thanks for your
>As co-maintainer of csound - where in fact Felipe does the hard
>upstream-related work, competently juggle packaging mechanisms and
>provides great ideas reusable in the CDBS infrastructure - I can
>wholeheartedly support Felipe as Debian Maintainer (and as full
>Debian Developer too!).
>Kind regards,
> - Jonas
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Jonas, you used key C1A00121 to sign your message. Key C1A00121 is not
in the DD keyring. Please use your key C02440B8 which is currently in
the DD keyring.

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