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AM report for Iustin Pop <iusty@k1024.org>

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Iustin
   Middle name:     __
   Last name:       Pop
   Key fingerprint: CB94 E3AA 3B17 55D6 1EBB  19A5 F66E 3E41 9F84 F4DE
   Account:         iustin
   Forward email:   iusty@k1024.org

   ID check passed, key signed by 11 existing developers:

   Output from keycheck.sh:

    $ ./keycheck.sh 9F84F4DE
    Syncing Debian Keyrings with rsync from keyring.debian.org
    Receiving and checking key
    gpg: requesting key 9F84F4DE from hkp server keys.gnupg.net
    pub   4096R/9F84F4DE 2009-05-19
          Key fingerprint = CB94 E3AA 3B17 55D6 1EBB  19A5 F66E 3E41 9F84 F4DE
    uid                  Iustin Pop <iusty@k1024.org>
    sig!         D02F8773 2009-05-28  Angus Lees <gus@inodes.org>
    sig!         C0143D2D 2009-07-31  Christian Perrier <bubulle@kheops.homeunix.org>
    sig!         1EEF5276 2009-08-03  Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer@samba.org>
    sig!         F2C423BC 2009-08-04  Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@upsilon.cc>
    sig!         3170EBE9 2009-08-12  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu@debian.org>
    sig!         8807529B 2009-05-28  Guido Trotter <ultrotter@quaqua.net>
    sig!         F1BCDB73 2009-08-01  Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net>
    sig!         C0143D2D 2009-08-06  Christian Perrier <bubulle@kheops.homeunix.org>
    sig!         B7CDA2DC 2009-08-08  Max Vozeler <max@nusquama.org>
    sig!         36E75604 2009-08-17  Michal \xc4\x8ciha\xc5\x99 <michal@cihar.com>
    sig!         49881AD3 2009-07-31  St�phane Glondu <steph@glondu.net>
    sig!         49881AD3 2009-08-23  St�phane Glondu <steph@glondu.net>
    sig!3        9F84F4DE 2009-05-19  Iustin Pop <iusty@k1024.org>
    sub   4096R/2CE2EC3D 2009-05-20
    sig!         9F84F4DE 2009-05-20  Iustin Pop <iusty@k1024.org>
    31 signatures not checked due to missing keys
    Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key
    Key is OpenPGP version 4 or greater.  Good!
    Check for key expire stuff
    Valid "e" flag on key 0xF66E3E419F84F4DE, no expiration
    Valid "s" flag on key 0xF66E3E419F84F4DE, no expiration
2. Background
   Applicant writes:

   I'm a Romanian which moved to Zürich, Switzerland a few years ago. I've
   been working as a sysadmin for the past ~10 years (and as a programmer
   for a short while), all the time being lucky enough to be able to use
   Open Source both at work and, of course, at home.

   I received a CD with GNU/Linux around 1997 (Slackware), fell in love
   with its flexibility, then went on to RedHat and stayed with it until
   the focus on desktop and the changes in its direction made me look for
   both a more open and also a server-geared solution; I was fortunate
   enough to meet Debian (~2002, IIRC) which works well on both servers and
   clients, and matches better with my principles; thus, I switched to it
   and since around 2003 I tried to do a couple of small contributions to
   Debian by packaging software.

   Currently, my main interest is in continuing to maintain the packages I
   am (co)maintainer for, and to try and contribute meaningfully to the
   mailing list discussions. I want to contribute my time because I like
   the principles that Debian is based upon, and because I want to give
   back at least the little I can to the project. Not last is the fact that
   yes, I'm amazed by the Debian project itself, its open and
   volunteer-based nature and what it manages to accomplish.

3. Philosophy and Procedures
   Iustin has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and procedures
   and answered all my questions about the social contract,
   DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. Iustin committed to uphold the SC and DFSG
   in his Debian work and accepts the DMUP.

4. Tasks and Skills
   Iustin has a good understanding of the technical side of Debian.
   Iustin is maintainer of several packages related to the ganeti
   virtualization infrastructure (sponsored by Guido Trotter) and Python
   libraries (sponsored by various Python folks); overview is at
   All packages are in good shape.
   Iustin also answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems
   and provided patches for RC bugs, which I've uploaded as DELAYED

5. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept Iustin as a Debian Developer.


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