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Advocation for Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.org>


I know Thorsten since a few years from different projects and
personal meetings. As long as I know him, he has been very
active in the FLOSS world.

He is a comptent and dilligent upstream developer, who also takes
care for the packages of his projects in Debian on a regular
and good base. I sponsored a few of his uploads and usually
they were already in a nearly-perfect state, when I started the
reviewe, although our opinions sometimes differ. However in this
case it has always been a good thing for us both to discuss the
issues in question, because we both came to interesting conclusions
from this discussions and in the end the packages benefited from it.

At least I'm farily confident that the already knows a lot about
policy, best practices and will get through NM quickly.

As I think that he will be a great enrichement for the project
(especially for the kFreeBSD project where I could see a lot
of benefit from his participation) I hereby advocate Thorsten
Glaser to become a Debian Developer.

Best Regards,

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