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AM report for Thorvald Natvig


1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Thorvald
   Last name:       Natvig
   Key fingerprint: F891 9C6A 91DC 3A35 AE1C  C0BF F09B 1EED DEBA 6F3E
   Account:         thorvald
   Forward email:   thorvald@natvig.com

   ID check passed, key signed by 1 existing developer:

   Output from keycheck.sh:
pub   1024D/DEBA6F3E 2000-07-14
      Key fingerprint = F891 9C6A 91DC 3A35 AE1C  C0BF F09B 1EED DEBA 6F3E
uid                  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
sig!         52B7487E 2009-03-12  Steinar H. Gunderson <sesse@debian.org>
sig!         DEBA6F3E 2000-07-14  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
sig!         DEBA6F3E 2000-07-14  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
sig!         DEBA6F3E 2000-07-14  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
uid       [ revoked] Thorvald Natvig <slicer@sourceforge.net>
rev!         DEBA6F3E 2007-11-15  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
sig!3        DEBA6F3E 2006-09-28  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
uid                  Thorvald Natvig <slicer@users.sourceforge.net>
sig!         52B7487E 2009-03-12  Steinar H. Gunderson <sesse@debian.org>
sig!3        DEBA6F3E 2007-11-15  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
sub   4096g/17F99A77 2000-07-14
sig!         DEBA6F3E 2000-07-14  Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>

10 signatures not checked due to missing keys
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Key is OpenPGP version 4 or greater.  Good!
Check for key expire stuff
Valid "e" flag on key 0xF09B1EEDDEBA6F3E, no expiration
Valid "s" flag on key 0xF09B1EEDDEBA6F3E, no expiration

2. Background
   Applicant writes:

I'm Thorvald, 32 years old, living in Norway, and currently finishing my
PhD in High Performance Computing. I started out on the C64 when I was
8, moved on the Amiga, then on to the PC when it became obvious that was
the faster platform.

My first "open source" contribution was a rotational zoom texture
routine I put in the public domain at a demoparty. Self-modifying i386
assembly, those were the days. This was also my first clear
demonstration that open source can have higher quality than closed
source; it was far better than what was used in the entries in the

I think my first public contribution to a "proper" open source project
was patching samba to support quotas on Linux. My first personal open
source project was the GPL'ed mp3info in '97, and these days I'm the
lead developer of Mumble (http://mumble.sourceforge.net).

I often get asked why I chose to license Mumble under the BSD. Back when
I started, VoIP possibilities for gaming were rather horrible in voice
qualilty and latency. So I wrote Mumble. However, my end goal isn't
really to dominate the world with MY software, the end goal is better
VoIP for gaming, which is something I love. So it would really please me
if other developers and programmers take my code and glue it verbatim
into their commercial products. For me, software freedom is the ability
to develop and share your code without restrictions on what your
recipients can do with it. Freedom is also about respect for people that
don't feel the same way I do, and that seems to work both ways; we have
GPL link exceptions from the GPL packages we use, and a patent license
for the crypt we use. It's amazing what you can achieve when you ask

I've been using Linux since 1994 or so; I don't really remember the
date, but I do remember copying 3 boxes of floppies to install
Slackware, and I remember that the last disc was a bad copy. I later
moved on to RedHat, and stuck with that until Ubuntu came along. I gave
Ubuntu a shot, and liked it, and it was during a discussion with a
friend that I discovered Debian was more than just the overly cautious,
conservative "stable" distribution, there was this thing called
"testing", and it was even more up-to-date than Ubuntu was. Well
maintained bleeding edge software, just the way I like it, and it
eventually stabilizes into something usable on production boxes as well?
Count me in.

Once Mumble was relased, I thought I'd give packaging it as a .deb a
shot. At the time, the Debian NM process looked intimidating and slow,
so I went with REVU instead -- it let me focus on the technical stuff.
The goal was to go through Utnubu once things worked, but before I got
that far, someone had already ported my Ubuntu package to Debian. I
joined the effort and became part of the pkg-voip team, and the more
I've worked with the debian process, the more I've come to like it. I'm
currently a DM, so I can upload packages, but I'd like to get more
involved, so I'm now trying to become a DD.

3. Philosophy and Procedures
   Thorvald has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and
   procedures and answered all my questions about the social contract,
   DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. Thorvald committed to uphold the SC
   and DFSG in his Debian work and accepts the DMUP.

4. Tasks and Skills
   Thorvald has a good understanding of the technical side of Debian.
   He is the maintainer of mumble (uploads as DM) and the package is in
   good shape.
   Thorvald also answered my other questions regarding T&S without
   problems and provided patches for RC bugs.

5. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept Thorvald as a Debian Developer.


Leo "costela" Antunes
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